Beloved Jim (1917)

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In this 1917 Universal Studios Christmas release, Jim Brockton (Harry Carter) is called "Beloved Jim" because of his kindheartedness. He has a nephew, Donald (J. Morris Foster), who he indulges, even though the young man is a wastrel. One Christmas Eve, Jim happens into a cafe where he finds Donald and his companions taunting a derelict (Joseph W. Girard, who also wrote the screenplay). After chastising Donald, he takes the bum home and eventually engages him as his secretary. Friends of Jim's arrange for him to meet Mary (Priscilla Dean), and they fall in love and marry. The next Christmas, when Donald visits them for the first time, he and Mary recognize each other. When Jim goes out of town on business, Donald forces his new aunt to go to a show with him, and when Jim comes home, he finds the two in what he believes is a compromising situation. He throws both of them out of the house, but the derelict/secretary makes Donald confess the truth. Donald reveals that a long time ago, he made a pass at Mary, and when she repulsed him, he left her on an island overnight, then told his club friends he seduced her. Jim then begs his wife's forgiveness, and they are reunited.