Battlestar Galactica: Saga of a Star World, Part 3 (1978)

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In Part Three of Battlestar Galactica's pilot episode, the survivors of the war between the Cylons and Mankind have been lured into a trap on the planet Carillon. Thanks to some quick thinking on the part of Galactica's Cmdr. Adama (Lorne Greene), Adama's son Apollo (Richard Hatch), and Apollo's best friend Starbuck (Dirk Benedict), an escape from Carillon is successfully carried out--and in the bargain, Apollo has found happiness with his new bride Serena (Jane Seymour). But the Cylons, headed by traitorous human Baltar (John Colicos), are still determined to prevent Galactica from reaching its destination of the lost 13th colony (known centuries ago as Planet Earth). Originally telecast as a three-hour special, "Saga of a Star World" has since been divided into three separate episodes for syndication, and an edited 125-minute version has been released theatrically as Battlestar Galactica.