Bare Knuckles (1921)

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In this manly tale, William Russell plays Tim McGuire, who only knows one way to solve things -- with his fists. He is hired by builder Metcalf (Charles K. French) to do a rush job on a dam, but he's hampered by Benham (Edwin B. Tilton) and his partner, Haines (George B. Fisher). McGuire fights his way through every difficulty until the pair tie him up and leave him near a storage shack which they are about to blow up. McGuire is saved just in time by his adopted sister, Fern (Corean Kirkham) and he immediately goes to save Metcalf's daughter Lorraine (Mary Thurman) from Haines. Haines shoots McGuire in the arm, but with his one good fist, he's still able to give it to the villain. McGuire finishes the dam on time and proposes to Lorraine.