Another Chinese Cop (1996)

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Hong Kong filmmaker Lam Yee-hung directed this bizarre police drama about a couple (Billy Chow, Diana Pang) who kidnap a millionaire in an attempt to extort a ransom for his release. Anthony Wong stars as Chinese policeman Li Shu-pei, who -- along with his partner Hwa Chiang (Elvis Tsui) -- investigates the case. The millionaire is later found murdered, and the method of execution is a difficult kung-fu technique known as "the eagle's paw" which points the suspicion at martial-arts champion "Tysan" (a corruption of "Tyson" after the American boxer). Tysan's real name is Chow, and as in many such films, he had saved Hwa Chiang's life several years before. Various plot elements are shuffled in and out, including a romance between Hwa Chiang and a pretty reporter named Lin (Liu Tai-wai, a bomb set to explode unless Hwa Chiang can detonate it in time, and a few musical numbers performed by Diana Pang. It's all a bit confusing, resembling a compressed Indian epic more than a tight Hong Kong action picture, but there are some engaging moments, and both Wong and Tsui are first-rate. Law Kar-ying co-stars with Billy Chow and Gabriel Wong.