Angel: Spin the Bottle (2002)

Genres - Fantasy  |   Sub-Genres - Prime-Time Drama [TV]  |   Run Time - 60 min.  |   Countries - USA  |  
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The Host (Andy Hallett) narrates this episode of Angel, which was written and directed by series co-creator Joss Whedon and is structured as one long flashback recounted by the green-skinned demon to an unseen audience. Lorne's tale involves a memory spell he obtained in order to restore the amnesiac Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter) to her rightful self. Performing the ritual with her friends, Cordy does indeed remember who she is -- or at least who she was. Reverting to her snotty, teenaged Sunnydale High self, Cordy finds herself in the company of strangers: Angel (David Boreanaz), who thinks he's an 18th century Irish human; Wesley (Alexis Denisof), who has reverted to his Watcher's Academy schoolboy self; Fred (Amy Acker), who has become a pot-smoking Texas teen; and Gunn (J. August Richards), who is once again a surly young warrior of the L.A. streets. Eventually, after being appraised of the existence of demons by Gunn and Wesley, these inner children incorrectly surmise that they've been locked up together with a vampire in their midst as part of a test by the Watcher's Council (see Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Helpless"). A comic murder-mystery ensues, but the danger turns real when Angel realizes that he really is a vampire and goes after Cordy. Connor (Vincent Kartheiser), however, comes to her rescue, and between blows, gets the chance to complain with the like-minded Angel about what a pain in the butt fathers can be. Eventually, everyone's true persona is restored -- including Cordy's. But after a momentary vision of the coming apocalypse, she tells Angel that she can't be with him right now. Reluctantly, though, she reveals that before recent events, she really was in love with him. Originally broadcast November 10, 2002, on the WB network, "Spin the Bottle" marked season four, episode six of the supernatural comedy drama.