Angel Sanctuary [Anime OVA Series] (2000)

Genres - Adventure, Fantasy  |   Sub-Genres - Anime, Mythological Fantasy, Psychological Thriller  |   Countries - Japan  |  
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This extremely controversial anime OVA series unabashedly takes on issues of God, reincarnation, and incest. The series is about an angel called Alexiel, who is the third most powerful being in the universe, less potent only than the primordial man called Adam-Kadamon and God himself. The God portrayed in Angel Sanctuary is in a "sleeping" state in an effort to "gather his powers" and is therefore not completely omnipotent. During this time, angels become corrupt, committing vile crimes and serving only themselves, all under the false pretense of doing God's will. Alexiel believes that the angels have become far worse than the demons, who do evil because it is their true purpose, and joins their side, fighting against the angels. At the end of the war, however, she is tried and convicted as a traitor and, as punishment, her body and soul are separated. While her body remains imprisoned within a crystal, her spirit is continually reincarnated into the bodies of hated outcasts who suffer young, violent deaths. Alexiel is not so much reincarnated, as she is tacked on; each body she is born into has its own original soul, and she is merely forced to ride along as silent witness to each new body's life and death. As the story begins, her spirit is residing in the body of Setsuna Mudo, a delinquent high-school student who is wracked with self-hatred for being in love with his sister. This body is not like all those that Alexiel has inhabited in the past, however, for Setsuna is the boy prophesied by the Black Book of Revelation to be the savior of all humanity. Can Alexiel's presence guide this young man toward his place in the war between heaven and hell or will Setsuna die for the love he bears for his sister?




angel, Hell, incest, prophecy