Angel: Orpheus (2003)

Genres - Fantasy  |   Sub-Genres - Prime-Time Drama [TV]  |   Run Time - 60 min.  |   Countries - USA  |  
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Angelus (David Boreanaz) drinks deep from Faith (Eliza Dushku), then keels over. It seems the slayer and ally Wesley (Alexis Denisof) spiked her blood with a mystical drug called Orpheus, then deliberately allowed Angelus to drink it. The vampire ends up unconscious and hallucinating, while Faith falls into a coma. Soon, though, their fever dreams intermingle as Faith and Angelus watch the past century unfold through the eyes of the tortured Angel. The vampire with a soul wanders, a vagabond do-gooder, trying desperately to make up for the evil he committed as Angelus. But when his thirst for blood overpowers his nascent conscience, he takes to feeding off rats and shunning humanity. Meanwhile, in the real world, Fred (Amy Acker) enlists the help of powerful witch Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan), the only person who has ever successfully re-ensouled Angel (see Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Becoming, Part 2"). In between witty repartee with Wes and a reunion with the secretly evil Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter), Willow soon figures out how to restore Angel's soul despite the fact that it's in Cordy's clutches. Cordy tries in secret -- and in vain -- to keep the soul encased in its sacred vessel. But she fails thanks to the timely interruption of Connor (Vincent Kartheiser), who's still blissfully unaware that Cordelia is playing him for a chump. As Angel's soul rushes through the ether, Cordy goads her lackey into killing his father. Only Faith -- suddenly awakened from her near-death slumber -- prevents Connor from dusting Angel before he can emerge from Angelus. Still ignorant that it was Cordelia whose magicks she was battling, Willow heads back to Sunnydale with Faith in tow. Just then, Cordy interrupts the gang's joyful reunion with Angel by announcing the impending birth of her and Connor's child. Originally broadcast March 19, 2003, on the WB network, "Orpheus" marked season four, episode 15 of the supernatural soap opera. It marked the first crossover between Angel and parent series Buffy the Vampire Slayer in almost two years. Although not integral to this episode's plot, the scenes between Willow and Wesley did allow Alexis Denisof to act alongside his real-life fiancée, guest star Alyson Hannigan. Faith's story line would continue on Buffy in "Dirty Girls."