Akai Pantsu no Onna (1975)

Countries - United States   |   MPAA Rating - NR
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Pinku eiga veteran Saburo Watanabe spins this bizarre S&M Roman Porno. Midori (played by Watanabe regular Naomi Ito) is out for revenge after a band of ruffians and thugs raped and killed her older sister Rumiko. Donning a black form-fitting leader outfit and, of course, red underwear, she along with her buxom pal Kikki (Michiko Sato) set out to discover the culprits. Soon their search leads them to a sadsack loser named Akira (Hiro Kagawa). Though he claims to know nothing about the crime and does not possess the thumbs -- chopped off by an angry girlfriend -- to perform the act, the vengeance duo torture and brutalize him anyway. After cutting out his tongue and eating it in front of him, the two luxuriate in their exploits by having sex with one another. Soon, the real rapist comes onto the scene. By the time Midori realizes her mistake, the villain -- a crazed radial terrorist with an eye patch -- has her trussed to a chair with a toolbox full of horrors at hand.