Ai Yori Aoshi [Anime Series] (2002)

Genres - Comedy, Comedy Drama  |   Sub-Genres - Anime, Harem Anime [Anime], Romantic Comedy  |   Countries - Japan  |  
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Struggling university student Kaoru Hanabishi has a former life that stays in the back of his mind. The illegitimate eldest son of Yuji Hanabishi, Karou was the heir to an impressive fortune and prosperous business upon his father's retirement. Yuji died, however, when Karou was five, and Yuji's father, Karou's grandfather, saw it as his responsibility to begin preparing young Karou for the day he would be handling the family business, since, despite his illegitimacy, he was still the only one to keep the business alive. Even so, Karou remained distant and unloved by his father's family and was forced to live alone when his mother died. Eventually, Karou came to realize that he wanted nothing to do with his father's business and left for college, never looking back. There was someone who looked for him, though, and she followed him all the way to his university just to find him. It seems that Karou was arranged by his family to marry Aoi Sakuraba, daughter of another prominent business owner. Disengaged from dealings with his family, Karou barley noticed, and the arrangement was nullified when he left, but little did he know, Aoi loved him from the moment she met him and now here she is at his doorstep, prepared to do anything to reinstitute their engagement. Karou will have a hard time turning away such a persistent and beautiful girl, but is he ready to face his painful past?



illegitimate-child, inheritance