A Perfect Gentleman (1928)

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This farce comedy was rather weak, which suggests that director Clyde Bruckman was best when directing stronger comic presences than Monty Banks (Bruckman's best work was with Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd). Monty Brooks (Banks) is a timid bank clerk who unintentionally gets drunk on his way to marry his sweetheart, Helen Wayne (Ruth Dwyer). This happens because he is involved in an accident and his chauffeur plies him with liquor in place of medicine. This gets him in bad with his girl and the wedding is called off. Meanwhile, a fellow clerk has stolen a satchel of money to aid a South American revolution, and he somehow gets Monty on board a ship with the satchel and then notifies his conspirators. Helen and her father (Henry Barrow) also happen to be on board, as are an officer (Arthur Thalasso) and his wife (Hazel Howell), who Monty had run afoul of earlier. This causes Brooks a lot of grief, but he manages to capture the rebels in a cargo net and find the money. As a result, he wins Helen back once again.