A Night in New Arabia (1917)

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Millionaire Jacob Spraggins has a conscience that is eating away at him, and he seeks out relief by donating to various hospitals, universities, and charities. When this doesn't make him happy he comes to the conclusion that he still feels guilty about swindling ten thousand dollars out of a man named McLeod many years before. So Spraggins traces down McLeod's heirs to a grandson, Tom McLeod (J. Frank Glendon), who is driving a delivery wagon. Tom is glad to have the money, and Spraggins is so impressed with him that he hints at matching him up with his daughter. But Tom won't have it, since he is already engaged to a parlor maid. Neither of them realize that the maid is actually Spraggins' daughter, Celia (Patsy DeForest), who had fallen in love with him from afar and gone to work in his household to be near him. When Spraggins discovers that his daughter is eloping, he chases after her, but when he finds out the identity of the bridegroom, he merely gives his congratulations. Spraggins never really does change, however -- a year later, when the couple have a child he cuts off all his charities and raises the prices of vinegar by three cents so that his grandson will amass a fortune. The film is based on an O. Henry story.