Guilty Conscience (1921)

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This Vitagraph drama stars Antonio Moreno, not as a Latin lover but as a British East Indian official. Vincent Chalmers, British commissioner (Harry Von Meter), lusts after Emily (Betty Francisco), the wife of one of his underlings, Gilbert Thurstan (Moreno). To get Thurstan out of the way, Chalmers offers him a lucrative post as magistrate to Kajra, India. He knows full well that most of the white men sent to that part of the country die of fever, and he figures he will have Emily all to himself. Thurstan accepts the post because he will make enough money to send his wife to a health resort. In Kajra, Thurstan finds himself faced with a group of angry Hindus whom he must quell on his own. In addition to fighting off the natives, he also has to fight off the illness which threatens to kill him. Chalmers, meanwhile, is trying to pay court to Emily, who will have nothing to do with him. Eventually, his guilt gets the better of him, and he travels to Kajra to relieve Thurstan of his post. Emily, who has heard that her husband is sick, shows up at his bedside.