A Girl in Bohemia (1919)

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In spite of the protests of her father (Josef Swickard) and her fiancé, Winifred Bryce (Peggy Hyland) wants to be a writer. Her beau is a noted author himself, and he disparages her latest story about life in Greenwich Village, claiming that it is not true to life. In a snit, Winifred writes another story, urges her fiancé to read it, and heads off to the Village herself to gain atmosphere. But things don't go well for Winifred in Bohemia -- she is cheated by the people she befriends there, including an actor who wants to elope with her by using her money. Then she is falsely accused of committing a murder and is put through the third degree by the police. Winifred decides that Bohemia is not all it's cracked up to be... and then the film cuts back to the Bryce home. The whole picture was actually Winifred's story, which is accepted by a publisher. This film was adapted from a play by H. B. Daniel.