A Day Without Policeman (1993)

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The incoherent English title of this hopeless Category III thriller from Hong Kong filmmaker Johnny Lee is its most memorable attribute. Otherwise, it's just another variant on themes from Bad Lieutenant and various rape-revenge and paramilitary films cobbled into one of the silliest hybrids yet. The film stars the venerable Simon Yam as Chan Wai, a dissolute, impotent policeman charged with patrolling an island on the outskirts of Hong Kong. While under the influence, Chan is ogling a sunbathing woman when he sees a group of hoodlums board her boat, but is too stoned to prevent them from raping and murdering her after severely beating her husband. Later, the outraged husband gathers a group of his fellow Vietnam War veterans and goes on a bloodthirsty quest for revenge which entails terminating most of the island's residents with AK-47s and serrated hunting knives. As with many carelessly assembled films of this ilk, the audience is left wondering how the bloodthirsty vets can kill so many innocent people and fail to exact revenge on their primary enemy. Tommy Wong co-stars with Yu Li.