Ward Sills

Active - 1959 - 1959  |   Genres - Science Fiction

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Ward Sills, born Wladimir Selinsky, was a New York-based composer of incidental music for radio, television, and movies. He broke into television fairly early with a piece called "Sands of Time," which was published by Emil Ascher Music and used as the secondary theme for a 1949-1950 suspense program called The Clock. One of his themes, "Hourglass," later turned up in episodes of The Adventures of Superman television series during the mid-'50s, and is familiar to any longtime watcher of that series. It was also tracked into the soundtrack of Edward D. Wood Jr.'s Plan 9 From Outer Space, thus ensuring Sills' immortality as a composer, so long as there are viewers out there who appreciate movies that are as entertaining as they are delightfully bad.