Vitamin C

Born - Jul 20, 1972   |  

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Rocker-cum-actress Colleen Fitzpatrick enjoyed two distinct phases in her career as a musical performer, each one linked to a radically different genre. This orange-haired New Jersey native began in the early '90s as a student at New York University by forming the punk band Eve's Plumb with a fellow student, guitarist Michael Kotch. The outfit achieved tremendous success by signing a lucrative contract with Sony Records, which spun off two albums -- the 1993 Envy and the 1995 Cherry Alive -- but Fitzpatrick, somewhat dissatisfied and interested in pushing her career off in different directions, left to pursue a career as an actress and a solo recording artist.

She then landed a string of early movie roles, with supporting parts in films including Liar Liar, Get Over It, and Dracula 2000, but netted her broadest fan base for her solo recording career -- this time, as a dance-pop singer, rechristened Vitamin C. Headlined by that persona, the eponymous 1999 debut, Vitamin C, went platinum, thanks in no small part to the inclusion of the blockbuster single "Graduation (Friends Forever)" -- something of an anthem during the spring and summer of 2000. In 2008, Fitzpatrick/Vitamin C signed on to emcee the competition-themed reality series Your Mama Don't Dance, which placed a series of dancing contestants in on-stage pairings with their mothers and fathers, and had the couples square off against one another.