Tyler Mane

Active - 2000 - 2020  |   Born - Dec 8, 1966 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada  |   Genres - Horror, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Historical Film

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Biography by Nathan Southern

With his mountainous, imposing, and slightly terrifying presence, it seemed fitting that Hollywood character actor Tyler Mane achieved his greatest recognition in the first decade of his career by donning a mask, seizing a butcher knife, and stalking coeds as psychopath Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's 2007 gorefest Halloween. The film, of course, constituted a remake of John Carpenter's seminal horror classic, and Mane inherited the role from Tony Moran and others, but few doubted that Mane and Zombie would make it their own. Prior to this turn, Mane waxed equally threatening as the furry, ravenous villain Sabretooth in the effects-laden blockbuster X-Men (2000), and wielded massive force as two barrel-chested heroes of old: Ajax in Wolfgang Petersen's historical epic Troy (2004) and Antaeus in Roger Young's HBO miniseries Hercules (2005).

Mane grew up in Saskatoon, Canada. Reportedly something of an underdog, who suffered from relentless bullying as a child, he took this mistreatment and spun it into determination, with an aggressive immersion into all forms of martial arts -- including karate, judo, and tae kwon do. Then wrestling beckoned; Mane trained from the age of 19 on, first in Calgary, Alberta, then in Los Angeles. From 1986 through 1999, this Canuck import assumed the characterization of Big Sky (in a tag team with Kevin Nash) and as Nitron, and competed in professional wrestling tournaments around the world for the WCW and UWF.

The jump from wrestling to acting constituted a short one, and Mane took that leap with X-Men. His resumé also includes portrayals in such features as Black Mask 2 and Joe Dirt, and he first worked with Zombie in The Devil's Rejects (2005); Halloween thus represented their sophomore collaboration. Mane publicly described his evocation of Myers as "demanding...both physically and emotionally," because of the extent to which Zombie sought to lay bare the maniac's psychopathology in the film.

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  • Started training to be a wrestler as a teen, with Canadian wrestler Stu Hart, and later with Red Bastien and Mando Guerrero.
  • Was a professional wrestler from 1986 to 1999.
  • Portrayed escaped mental patient turned serial killer Michael Myers in the 2007 remake of Halloween and its 2011 sequel.
  • Is the tallest actor to play Michael Myers, at 6’8.
  • Co-wrote and co-produced his first feature film, Compound Fracture in 2014 with his wife Renae Geerlings who also co-stars with him.