Ty Treadway

Active - 1968 - 2007  |   Genres - Film, TV & Radio [nf]

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Ty Treadway kick-started his show-business career almost as an afterthought. A native of Trenton, NJ, with six older siblings, Treadway earned his accounting degree from the College of New Jersey and later worked for the New Jersey state legislature as a systems engineer and accountant -- professions that he found intolerably boring. As an exciting alternative, Treadway dropped out of his chosen line of work and hearkened off to New York to make it as a model and actor; in seemingly no time at all, he chalked up a series of commercial and theatrical assignments and landed in GQ magazine, then moved to the West Coast, landing guest appearances on series including Ally McBeal and Just Shoot Me.

In May of 2000, the producers of the seminal American daytime soap One Life to Live tapped Treadway for an ongoing portrayal of Dr. Colin MacIver on that program -- an assignment that ended abruptly when the character of MacIver left the program in the midst of an intense murder investigation storyline. Treadway subsequently returned to the show, in true soap opera fashion, as Dr. Troy MacIver, Colin's twin brother (a role held from 2001-2003). The actor also branched out into a much different television venue by co-hosting the discussion program Soap Talk with Lisa Rinna.