Sherman Scott

Active - 1939 - 1942  |   Genres - Drama, Mystery, Western

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"Sherman Scott" and "Peter Stewart" were both pseudonyms for the remarkably prolific film director Sam Newfield. In Hollywood from 1919, Newfield cut his directorial teeth on a series of comedy shorts in the mid-'20s. From 1933 to 1958, he directed anywhere from 140 to 200 films, mostly for such low-budget operations as PRC, where his brother, Sigmund Neufield, was a producer. It has been reported that Newfield adopted the nom de films of Sherman Scott and Peter Stewart to hide the fact that one man was responsible for so much of the PRC output. It was as Sherman Scott that Sam Newfield helmed the PRC epics Hitler, Beast of Berlin (1939), Hold That Woman! (1940), Marked Men (1941), Billy the Kid's Fighting Pals (1941), The Mysterious Rider (1942), The Flying Serpent (1946), and many others.