Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

Active - 1996 - 2023  |   Born - Nov 12, 1980 in London, Ontario, Canada  |   Genres - Drama, Adventure, Action

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Despite his confident good looks and his role as the son of Zeus on television's popular Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Ryan Gosling ironically used to get chuckles by donning a Speedo and flexing like a professional weightlifter as a scrawny six-year-old. Born in London, Ontario, Canada, in November 1980, and raised in nearby Cornwall, Gosling was withdrawn for private schooling early on due to harassment by his classmates. Quickly learning the value of confidence, the bright youngster focused his energy into acting and landed a two-year role on The Mickey Mouse Club at age 12. Soon moving on to television commercials and roles in such films as Disney's Frankenstein and Me (1996), Gosling returned to television in 1997 for the short-lived Breaker High before finding more sturdy television ground in his Hercules role the following year. Since then, the actor has tackled increasingly challenging roles such as his turn as a conflicted Jewish student in The Believer (2001) and as a teen who commits murder in the name of mercy in The United States of Leland (2002). That same year, the increasingly busy Gosling starred in both The Slaughter Rule, and alongside Sandra Bullock in the crime thriller Murder by Numbers.

Though he was racking up credibility as a serious young actor in indie features, Gosling became an unlikely box-office heartthrob with the 2004 summer-season romance The Notebook. Starring opposite another young break-out Canadian actor, Rachel McAdams, Gosling added some depth to the otherwise treacly adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' popular tome of enduring love before and after World War II. Rather than parlay his newfound fame into leading-man action roles, Gosling chose a route not unlike Edward Norton before him, alternating between indie features and challenging, bigger-budget Hollywood productions. This strategy didn't yield great dividends with the spooky 2005 misfire Stay, but it did bring Gosling high praise for the 2006 Sundance Festival favorite Half Nelson. A slice-of-life drama focusing on a young, cocaine-addicted, inner-city middle-school teacher and the student with whom he forms a bond, the film offered Gosling the opportunity to play another intense, conflicted young man in a natural, effortless style, a performance aided in large part by his bracing young co-star Shareeka Epps. Helped by glowing reviews, the micro-budgeted Half Nelson became an arthouse success through awards season, when Gosling's name was mentioned by numerous critics' organizations in year-end honors. Though ignored by the Golden Globes, the dark-horse Gosling was recognized among a formidable group of Best Actors when Oscar nominations were announced.

Having cemented himself as one of the most formidable actors of his generation, Gosling next signed on for a quirky 2007 drama called Lars and the Real Girl, about a small town man who falls in love with a life sized doll. His performance in the film earned him a Golden Globe nod, but Gosling still had other goals he wanted to pursue. He spent the next few years playing and recording with his band, Dead Man's Bones, which released a self-titled debut in 2009. When Gosling returned to acting the following year, it was for a heart-wrenching independent relationship drama called Blue Valentine, opposite Michelle Williams. Based on a short film, the movie told the story of a relationship by showing its beginning and its end. Gosling was nominated for yet another Golden Globe, but was still up for a challenge. For his next project, he took on the thriller All Good Things, playing an upper class husband who turns violent and psychotic in All Good Things. Next on the docket was 2011's Drive, which found Gosling playing a stunt man turned getaway driver, quickly followed by the political thriller The Ides of March, opposite George Clooney. Shortly afterward, Gosling took on a supporting role in the award-winning romantic comedy Crazy Stupid Love, which follows a divorced man as he finds his footing in life once again.

Gosling expanded his producing credits in 2013, with Only God Forgives, in which he co-starred, and released his directorial debut, Lost River, in 2014. In 2015, he co-starred in the Oscar-nominated The Big Short, and, the following year, teamed with Russell Crowe for The Nice Guys.

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  • Joined the cast of the Mickey Mouse Club in 1993, which included other future stars Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, J.C. Chasez and Keri Russell.
  • Lived with Justin Timberlake and his family for a period of time during the MMC.
  • Breakthrough role was the lead in 2001's controversial film The Believer, a fact-based tale about a young Jewish man who joins a neo-Nazi organization.
  • Worked as an apprentice for a furniture maker to prepare for his role in 2004's The Notebook; some of the pieces he created appear in the film.
  • He and Notebook costar Rachel McAdams were born in the same Ontario hospital (St. Joseph's).
  • Is co-owner of the Beverly Hills restaurant Tagine.
  • Is a member of the two-man band Dead Man's Bones; the duo released a self-titled CD in 2009.