Roy Chanslor

Active - 1931 - 1965  |   Genres - Drama, Crime, Action, Mystery, Western

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A former newspaperman, American screenwriter Roy Chanslor worked on several "Stop the Presses!" epics in the 1930s. Chanslor is best remembered for Hi, Nellie (1934), a caustic newspaper yarn that Warner Bros. remade twice officially and dozens of times unofficially. In the 1940s, Chanslor shifted to such outdoorsy adventures as Tarzan Triumphs. His 1952 novel Johnny Guitar served as the basis for one of Hollywood's kinkiest westerns: the book was dedicated to Joan Crawford, who of course ended up starring in the movie version. Another of Roy Chanslor's "feminist" sagebrush novels, Cat Ballou, was filmed in 1965 with Jane Fonda in the lead.

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