Richard Hatch

Active - 2000 - 2006  |   Genres - Comedy

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Initially known for his status as the first winner of CBS's popular series Survivor (the godfather of all 21st century reality television and a ratings bonanza), Richard Hatch turned heads by managing to outwit and outmaneuver his fellow competitors in the season one locale of Borneo, and walked away with a one-million-dollar prize as a result. The federal government subsequently honed in on Hatch and accused him of failing to pay taxes on his prize money, allegations he unsuccessfully attempted to dismiss in court by claiming that the network had agreed to pay off the taxes as a bribe. The trial resulted in a four-year stint in federal prison for Hatch, but he eventually rebounded. In 2006, he appeared as himself in the low-budget comedy Another Gay Movie, and he also returned to Survivor for season eight of that program (aka the "All-Star Season," 2004), which rounded up the victors from prior seasons and pitted them against one another in Panama's Pearl Islands.