Raymond A. Klune

Active - 1939 - 1954  |   Genres - Romance, Spy Film, Action, Epic

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Biography by Sandra Brennan

American producer and studio executive Raymond Klune started out working as a mailboy for D.W. Griffith and ended up as the comptroller of Griffith's studio in Mamaroneck, New York. In the late '30s, he moved to Hollywood to work as an executive production/manager for David O. Selznick. One of Klune's contributions was to rerelease Gone with the Wind (1939) using stereo sound and 77mm film. During the '50s, Klune became the executive production manger for Darryl Zanuck at Fox. In 1954, he produced Hell and High Water. Four years later he became the vice-president and general manager for Sol Siegal at MGM. He remained there until his retirement in 1969.