Perry Caravello

Active - 2003 - 2006  |   Genres - Action, Comedy

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The unsuspecting victim of an elaborate hoax perpetrated by Hollywood's comedy insiders, Perry Caravello thought he had landed a big-time starring role in Jimmy Kimmel's Jackhole Industries-produced Windy City Heat in 2003. It turned out to be a "movie within a movie," however, with Caravello being the butt of the joke -- a Truman Show-esque character who thought he was something he wasn't. While Caravello (his name was spelled Karavello in the Comedy Central press materials released with the DVD in 2006, as a play on one of the running gags in the movie) went on to co-star in Skyfall Entertainment's indie crime thriller The Bank Job in 2006, he made bigger headlines in 2007 when he filed a lawsuit against Johnny Knoxville for injuries he said he sustained performing a stunt (which he also claimed he was never paid for) during promotions for the Windy City DVD.