Paul DiMeo

Paul DiMeo

Born - Feb 12, 1958 in Media, Pennsylvania, United States  |   Genres - Family & Personal Relationships

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Biography by AllMovie

When the family home of five-year-old Paul DiMeo burnt to the ground, his fate was instantly locked. In the following years, DiMeo would work alongside his father to rebuild the family dwelling, laying the groundwork for a future career as a carpenter in the process. A Pennsylvania native who built sets for the Pennsylvania Playhouse while attending Point Park College in Pittsburgh, DiMeo went on to work as a stage manager for the American Dance Ensemble. In 1980, DiMeo relocated to New York City and began building sets for the Open Space Theater on St. Mark's Place while freelancing both on and off Broadway. A realization of his desire to use his craft to help others led to work renovating lofts and brownstones throughout the city, and later DiMeo would prove instrumental in laying the groundwork for the "Loft Living" movement in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. After nearly two decades in New York City, DiMeo hungered for a change of scenery and relocated to Los Angeles. In converting an abandoned downtown firehouse into a living space, DiMeo effectively brought the "Loft Living" concept to the West Coast, and later made a name for himself around town by renovating the homes and living spaces of Glenn Close and George Hamilton, among others. In 2001, he joined the cast of ABC's hugely popular Extreme Makeover: Home Edition as a carpentry consultant, and remained on the show until 2007.


  • Is the youngest of five children.
  • Family's house burned down when he was 5. He and his father worked to reconstruct it, sparking his love of home renovations.
  • Served as stage manager for the American Dance Ensemble.
  • Has acted on stage and on television.
  • Renovated the landmark brownstone of Aaron Burr.
  • Has renovated celebrity homes, including those of Madonna, George Hamilton and Glenn Close.
  • Walked out of his initial audition for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (upon hearing about the seven-day deadlines for builds).
  • Laid groundwork for the Loft Living movement in New York City and continued it after moving to Los Angeles. 
  • Hosted the 2004 A&E special At Home With the Brave, which helped improve the homes of soldiers returning from Iraq.
  • The band saw is his favorite power tool, and the kitchen is his favorite room to design.
  • Hobbies include playing in a band with the crew from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
  • Has a reputation for often breaking into tears on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and admits that he cries easily.
  • Is a fan of dumpster diving (rooting through trash to find resuable materials and furniture).