Ann Robinson

Active - 1953 - Present  |   Born - 1931 in Hollywood, CA  |   Genres - Drama, Action, Science Fiction, Film, TV & Radio [nf], Western

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Ann Robinson was one of the few movie actresses who could lay claim to being a true "child of Hollywood;" she was born in the heart of Tinseltown, at Hollywood Hospital. After some experience in school plays, Robinson turned professional in the early 1950s. She was signed by Paramount, where she was second-billed in her very first film, the sci-fi classic War of the Worlds. Upon completing this assignment in mid-1952, Robinson left for Warner Bros., where she co-starred with Jack Webb in the 1953 film version of Webb's popular Dragnet TV series. Towards the end of 1953, Paramount finally released War of the Worlds; hiring Robinson to make a promotional tour for the film, the studio was compelled to pay her a far higher salary than she'd received as an actress. She then inked a contract with independent producer Eddie Small, who featured her in a brace of westerns and loaned her services to television producers. Her small-screen credits include a recurring role on the Saturday-morning adventure series Fury and a guest stint as "Suzerain of Planet Herculon" in Rocky Jones, Space Ranger. Robinson retired from films in 1959 when she married a bullfighter and moved to Mexico. After raising her family, Ann Robinson returned to acting, co-starring in Midnight Movie Massacre (1988) and reprising her War of the Worlds role of Sylvia van Buren in the spoofish direct-to-video Attack of the B-Movie Monsters.

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