Andy Milonakis

Active - 2005 - 2016  |   Born - Jan 30, 1976   |   Genres - Comedy

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A successor to the Tom Green throne, Andy Milonakis displays a non sequitur sense of humor that is at least as surreal and polarizing as his predecessor's, and largely derives from the keenly manufactured illusion that he is a deranged, attention deficit-stricken adolescent. In fact, Milonakis is a grown man who suffers from a "growth hormone problem," which he is reluctant to discuss publicly and which gives him the uncanny appearance of a rambunctious teen.

A native of New York who was raised in nearby Westchester, Milonakis used his self-depreciating sense of humor to disarm his would-be teenage tormentors, and quickly discovered that people naturally gravitate to those with a healthy sense of humor. Upon graduating high school, the lifelong computer enthusiast parlayed his love of technology into a tech-support position at a local accounting firm while using his spare time to record humorous video vignettes for his friend's website Subsequently seeking to sharpen his comedic talents, the aspiring comic began taking improv lessons at the Upright Citizens Brigade. One morning, after turning down an invitation to a friend's Super Bowl party, Milonakis rolled out of bed, picked up his guitar, and recorded the song that would propel him to nation-wide stardom. Milonakis' song, entitled "The Super Bowl Is Gay," was a six-minute tirade against everything from Major League sports to cottage cheese. The song proved a viral video phenomenon, scoring 100,000 hits over the next 24 hours and prompting the server company to charge Milonakis a tidy sum for exceeding his bandwidth limitations.

Of the countless people who fell instantly in love with the decidedly immature musical rant, one of them actually had a successful television program and was willing to give Milonakis a shot at the big time. Though the youthful Internet phenomenon initially thought the e-mail he received from the producer of Jimmy Kimmel Live was simple spam, a quick call to the telephone number presented in the e-mail revealed that it was indeed no joke, and Milonakis was subsequently hired as a part-time correspondent for the edgy late-night talk show. While Milonakis had never really considered making the move to L.A. and taking a shot at the big time, he now had the money to do so and quickly began packing his bags.

A series pitch to MTV was quick to follow, and in 2005 The Andy Milonakis Show was unleashed upon a largely unsuspecting viewing audience. Described by the host himself as something akin to "intensely bad public television," The Andy Milonakis Show featured the childlike funnyman in a variety of awkward, cringe-inducing situations. It was the kind of show that either clicks with the viewer immediately, or leaves one hopelessly scratching one's head in a futile attempt to "get it." Nevertheless The Andy Milonakis Show was a surprise success, and roles in such films as Waiting..., Parental Guidance Suggested, and Wieners followed in quick succession.

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