Ida Kaminska

Active - 1939 - 1970  |   Born - Sep 4, 1899   |   Died - Jan 1, 1980   |   Genres - Drama, Fantasy

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Russia-born actress Ida Kaminska is best known for her work in Eastern Block Yiddish theater, but she also made a few films over her long distinguished career. She is the daughter of well-known Yiddish theater performers and made her own performing debut at age five. Later she became a leading actress with Warsaw's Kaminski Theater. With them, she toured the Soviet Union for a few years before returning to Warsaw to found the Ida Kaminska theater where she became both a star and a director. She appeared in a few Polish films from the mid '20s through the mid '30s. During WW II, Kaminski lived in Russia but after the war returned to Warsaw and created the Jewish State theater of Poland. In 1967, the troupe toured the U.S. and Kaminska remained in the states. Later she moved to Israel.