Jimmie Adams

Active - 1920 - 1930  |   Born - Oct 4, 1888   |   Died - Dec 19, 1933   |   Genres - Drama, Crime, Comedy, Mystery, Musical

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Biography by Hans J. Wollstein

Slightly reminiscent of Charley Chase, rakish, mustachioed American silent-screen comedian Jimmie Adams starred in the Educational company's two-reel Mermaid Comedies in the early 1920s, often opposite Sid Smith. In 1921, Adams briefly replaced Harry McCoy in the Cohn brothers' (Harry and Jack) cartoon-inspired Hall Room Boys series but was back with Educational by 1924. Producer Al Christie, who also released through Educational, hired Adams for six comedies released in 1926-1927. He and Bobby Vernon, Lige Conley, Neal Burns, and Billy Dooley constituted a line-up that was no threat to Hal Roach, but nevertheless entertained millions with a kinder, gentler style than either Roach or the veteran Mack Sennett could or would provide. Although extremely adept at satire and often peppering his comedy with a multitude of disguises, Jimmie Adams never reached the top echelon of two-reel comedy stars and appeared in only a handful of features