Virginia Kirtley

Active - 1914  |   Born - Nov 11, 1883 in Bowling Green, MO  |   Died - Aug 19, 1956 in Sherman Oaks, CA  |   Genres - Comedy

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The least remembered of Charles Chaplin's leading ladies, American silent-screen actress Virginia Kirtley appeared with the Burbank Theatre in Los Angeles prior to joining Mack Sennett's merrymakers in 1913. She appeared opposite Chaplin in his screen debut, Making a Living (1914), and was in A Film Johnnie and Tango Tangles (1914) as well. Kirtley found more success as leading lady to future screen director Irving Cummings at American in Santa Barbara. Never a star but a competent leading lady, Kirtley appeared for Selig and Centaur before retiring to marry comedian Eddie Lyons of the popular team of Lyon and (Lee) Moran. Kirtley kept a hand in the business by scripting some of Lyon's films, including The Nightcap (1917). Lyons died suddenly from a brain tumor in August of 1926, and Kirtley attempted a screen comeback two years later. Her attempt resulted in a supporting role in a melodrama starring Cullen Landis, The Midnight Adventure (1928), but little else.