Irene Fenwick

Active - 1915  |   Born - Sep 5, 1887 in Chicago, IL  |   Died - Dec 24, 1936 in Los Angeles, CA  |   Genres - Drama

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Primarily a stage actress, Irene Fenwick (born Frizzel) starred in several films in 1915-1916, the most notable being The Sentimental Lady (1915) from Owen Davis' melodramatic play, in which she is almost ruined by a treacherous father-in-law. In Spendthrift it is Fenwick herself who causes the damage, however, this time as the title character, a lady rescued from financial ruin by a family friend. Her husband, of course, misunderstands the situation completely with the inevitable results. Fenwick also played A Coney Island Princess (1916) and The Sin Woman (1917), respectively vamping Owen Moore and Clifford Bruce. The Sin Woman seems to have been Fenwick's final film. In private life she became Mrs.Lionel Barrymore in 1923.