Hugo del Carril

Active - 1938 - 1975  |   Born - Nov 30, 1912   |   Genres - Drama, Romance, Historical Film, Musical

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For over fifty years, multi-talented singer Hugo del Carril was one of Argentina's most popular movie stars. He was born Piero Bruno Ugo Fontana in Buenos Aires and started out performing on the radio as an announcer and singer of tango music. De Carril made his film-acting debut in 1936. Three years later he memorably portrayed tango singer Carlos Gardel in the tuneful biopic La Vida de Carlos Gardel. He made his directorial debut in 1948 with Historia del 900. In 1950, he earned international acclaim for his film Las Aguas Bajan Turbtas, an exposé of worker exploitation done from a union's perspective. Del Carril had complete control over this film as producer, director and star. He went on to act in scores of Argentine and international films, including a French film La Fille de Feul in 1958. He also continued directing, and by the time he retired from filmmaking in 1973, he had helmed 15 films. Del Carril made his final film appearance in El Tango Cuenta su Historia (1976). Over the years, he was a notorious, loyal supporter of Peron, and as the Argentine President's career fluctuated so did del Carrill's. When Peron was out of favor, del Carril was blacklisted. In 1974, he was appointed the leader of Argentina's National Film Institute by Peron. When the leader died in 1976, del Carril was again banned from making films.