Norma Phillips

Born - 1893 in Baltimore, MD  |   Died - Nov 11, 1931 in New York, NY  |  

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One of America's earliest film stars, brunette Norma Phillips was widely popular as "Our Mutual Girl," named so after the company that employed her in numerous one- and two-reelers in the early 1910s. Between January 1914 and January 1915, Mutual released a series of 52 short melodramas depicting Phillips' adventures. The most interesting of these was in all likelihood episode number ten, whose title Our Mutual Girl Meets the Returning Giants and White Sox was self-explanatory. Phillips later starred in Runaway June (1915), a 15-chapter serial released by Reliance, a Mutual subsidiary, in which she played a rather spoiled and foolish bride failing miserably as a housewife. Phillips' career waned along with the popularity of short films and she appeared in very few feature films. Her early death was caused by cancer.