Michael Baisden

Active - 2011 - 2011  |   Genres - Culture & Society, Comedy Drama

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A best-selling author and syndicated radio pundit who specializes in on-air relationship advice for African-American males, Michael Baisden has been termed a "love him or hate him" commentator for his polarizing and brutally, unapologetically honest views of machismo. Baisden took his first major step toward celebrity in 1995, by self-publishing the short story collection Never Satisfied: How and Why Men Cheat -- a compendium of tales about male infidelity. Another self-published volume, Men Cry in the Dark, followed and sold untold numbers of copies among black male readers; it also yielded a theatrical adaptation starring Richard Roundtree, Allen Payne, and others. A third book -- the novel The Maintenance Man -- concerned a gigolo who falls in love with one of his conquests; it spawned a 2008 big-screen adaptation directed by Carl Franklin. In between the appearance of the novel and the debut of the film, Baisden branched out into his radio career, first by signing on as the KISS 98.7 FM (New York City) afternoon drive-time host, then by signing a lucrative syndication deal with ABC Radio for his advice program Love, Lust and Lies.