Matt Felker

Active - 2010  |  

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Model-turned-actor Matt Felker entered the limelight in 2008, via an ironic turn of events. Felker authored a spec script entitled "Who Is Brad Lenz?" that skewered 21st century America's obsession with celebrity by relaying the tale of a nobody (Lenz) who rockets to fame via extensive media exposure. Then-unknown Felker spread publicity about the apocryphal Lenz via MySpace, and in the end, the tongue-in-cheek series of events catapulted Felker to the fame that he initially set out to critique, selling him as Brad Lenz. He appeared in an alluring bit opposite Britney Spears in one of Spears' videos (thanks to a casting director whom he met on MySpace), landed a provocative modeling assignment that placed him on a Times Square billboard opposite Joanna Krupa, and achieved numerous other sources of recognition. In time, talk began to swirl about a big-screen Hollywood production of Who Is Brad Lenz?, starring Felker as the lead.