Lule Warrenton

Active - 1916 - 1923  |   Born - Jun 1, 1862   |   Died - May 14, 1932   |   Genres - Drama, Romance

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American character actress Lule Warrenton was one of several Universal players whom studio head Carl Laemmle offered a chance to direct. Warrenton, who played Lon Chaney's mother in Bobbie of the Ballet (1916), began her directorial career with a children's series starring child actress Clara Horton. The series was apparently successful enough for the novice director to bolt from Universal and set up her own production company. Only one feature film was to emerge from Warrenton's Frieder Film Corp., however: the fairy-tale A Bit o' Heaven (1917) starring Little Marie Louise. The trade press heaped praise on the director, but Warrenton was not given further chances to direct. Her return to Universal was greeted with open arms -- but "only" as an actress. Warrenton continued to play mothers, aunts, and grande dames until her retirement in 1922. She later raised avocados on a farm near San Diego. Her son, Gilbert Warrenton, became a noted cinematographer.