Lucille Younge

Active - 1915 - 1926  |   Born - 1892 in Lyon, France  |   Died - Aug 2, 1934 in Los Angeles, CA  |   Genres - War, Action, Drama, Science Fiction

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A dark-haired, French-born actress who often played femme fatales, Lucille Younge had appeared on-stage and in vaudeville in America prior to making her screen debut with the New Rochelle, NY, based Thanhouser Company in 1910. She later starred with Éclair, Lubin, and Fine Arts, notably as the vamp Lucia Medina in the melodrama Old Folks at Home. Probably not coincidentally, Lucia Medina was her own real name. She continued playing saloon hostesses and various other less than desirable women through the 1920s, often appearing under very low-budget circumstances.