Lance Bangs

Active - 2003 - 2015  |   Born - Sep 8, 1972   |   Genres - Comedy, Music, Culture & Society

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Filmmaker Lance Bangs has a tendency to complete projects as a simple one-man production, rather than with a large intrusive crew. This scaled-down aesthetic choice, coupled with his intimate shooting style, has earned him many recommendations. Born in California in the '70s, he started making professional music videos in the early '90s. By 1996, he had shot the tour documentary R.E.M.: Road Movie and met Brad Pitt, who was friends with R.E.M. Pitt later asked him to shoot a video of his high-profile wedding to Jennifer Aniston. The same year, Bangs married musician Corin Tucker, vocalist and guitarist for Sleater-Kinney. They have one son, Marshall Tucker Bangs.

Along the way, Bangs had acquired a bunch of live footage from Sonic Youth shows, and some of it ended up in the Spike Jonze video for "The Diamond Sea." Then Jonze asked him to do the press kit and making-of documentary for Being John Malkovich. He later collaborated with Jonze as director and producer of The Making of 'Jackass: The Movie'. He continued to make music videos (Green Day, Belle & Sebastian, Preston School of Industry, the Shins) while he worked on bigger projects like the two-disc retrospective Pavement: Slow Century. In the summer of 2002, he went on tour with David Cross and Ultrababyfat to shoot the DVD David Cross: Let America Laugh. Also that year, he worked with Palm Pictures to develop The Director's Label series on DVD. Working with a lean team, he shot, produced, and directed documentaries for music video innovators Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, and Chris Cunningham.

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