José Maria Torre

Active - 2009 - 2009  |   Genres - Drama

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Actor/fashion designer José María Torre got his start in acting as a 5-year-old in TV commercials. A minor role in the 1990 series Yo compro esa mujer (I Buy That Woman) was among the Mexico City native's earliest work in telenovelas, a genre he's called home ever since. In 1994, Torre landed a part in the series Agujetas de color de rosa (Pink Shoe Laces), as well as singing credits on two songs from the telenovela's soundtrack. Torre has also appeared in Carita de ángel, Salomé and Corazones al límite (Hearts to the Limit), among others.

Torre turned an interest in fashion design into a career opportunity in 2005 with the release of his own line of clothing. His retail shop named Ocho Store would soon follow. In 2009, after nearly 20 years in television, Torre made his feature-length film debut in the drama/thriller Daniel and Ana, playing the fiancé of a woman kidnapped and forced into incest with her brother. The 2014 remake of the horror film Más negro que la noche ("Blacker Than Night") saw Torre take on the role of producer, in addition to his role as Pedro.