John Cossar

Active - 1914 - 1927  |   Born - Jan 2, 1858   |   Died - Apr 28, 1935   |   Genres - Drama, Comedy

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A distinguished actor with more than 30 years of stage experience, English-born, New York-educated John Cossar entered films with the Chicago-based Essanay company in 1913. A top supporting player during the entire silent era, the gray-haired Cossar most often played distinguished characters, politicians, judges, noblemen, and business tycoons. Today, Cossar is best remembered for playing Capulet in the play within the play in Will Rogers' Doubling for Romeo (1921) and as the justice of the court in Lon Chaney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923). Like so many actors of his generation, the veteran supporting player retired at the advent of sound.