Jean-Paul Rappeneau

Active - 1959 - 2015  |   Born - Apr 8, 1932 in Auxerre, France  |   Genres - Comedy, Adventure, Romance, Drama

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A popular French screenwriter/director who first entered the entertainment industry by scripting such features as Signed, Arsene Lupin (1959) and Zazie Dans le Métro (1960), Jean-Paul Rappeneau quickly realized that he was also adept at directing his own works. Though Rappeneau had previously directed the film Chronique Provinciale in 1958, it wasn't until the 1966 film La Vie de Château that he truly began to come into his own behind the camera. A light romantic comedy dealing with life, love, and war as D-day draws near, the film proved a success, and in 1971, Rappeneau returned to equal success as the writer/director of The Scarlet Buccaneer. By this point, he was almost exclusively directing his own screenplays, and that trend would continue through the Golden Palm-nominated Cyrano de Bergerac (1990), The Horseman on the Roof (1995), and Bon Voyage (2003). If anyone were to doubt Rappeneau's staying power behind the camera, they need only reference the nomination sheet for the 2004 César Awards, which found him not only up for Best Director and Best Writing, but also Best Film, which once again took a relatively lighthearted approach to events surrounding World War II.

Movie Highlights

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  • Il fait ses débuts dans l'industrie cinématographique en tant qu'assistant.
  • Durant sa longue carrière de plus d'un demi siècle, il ne réalise que huit films et un court métrage.
  • Il préfère passer beaucoup de temps à écrire un excellent scénario plutôt que d'enchaîner les productions à l'intrigue bancale.
  • Il est surtout connu et reconnu pour son film Cyrano de Bergerac (1990) avec Gérard Depardieu qui fut encensé par la critique.
  • En 2015, après plus de dix ans d'absence, il réalise le film Belles Familles qui fait l'ouverture du 8e Festival du film francophone d'Angoulême.