George Miller

Active - 2005 - 2005  |   Born - Jan 1, 1943   |   Genres - Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy

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Biography by AllMovie

Scottish-born film director George T. Miller has spent much of his career characterized as "the other George Miller." This is because Miller, a veteran of Australian television, did not make his first theatrical feature until 1982 -- three years after the release of Mad Max, which was the inaugural effort of another Aussie-based director named George Miller. Miller attempted for a while to differentiate himself by including the middle initial "T" in his billing. The success of his first film The Man from Snowy River (1982) stirred up so much publicity over the fact that Australia boasted two talented George Millers that Miller decided to allow the "confusion" to stand, figuring that his true fans would be able to separate the two Georges. Snowy River would remain the "other" George Miller's biggest hit; subsequent films like The Neverending Story II (1988) and TV projects like Anzacs (1984) had their moments, but failed to generate the same excitement as Miller's first effort.