Eugenia Gilbert

Active - 1921 - 1929  |   Born - Nov 18, 1902   |   Died - Dec 8, 1978   |   Genres - Western, Action, Drama

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Although rarely mentioned among the great serial queens of the silent era, Eugenia Gilbert starred in no less than five chapterplays: The Crimson Flash (1927) with Cullen Landis; Melting Millions (1927) with the team of Allene Ray and Walter Miller; The Mysterious Airman (1928) and The Police Reporter (1928), both with Miller; and most notably Perils of the Jungle (1927). The last, produced by low-class Weiss Bros. and starring Frank Merrill as an ersatz Tarzan, turned up again as stock footage in The White Gorilla (1945, released 1947), a notorious clunker which had Lorraine Miller costumed to resemble Gilbert in the silent sequences. By then, the former Miss Los Angeles and briefly Mack Sennett Bathing Beauty had already been retired for nearly 20 years.