Edythe Stayart

Born - Nov 18, 1890   |   Died - Aug 7, 1970   |  

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A pretty supporting actress of the early '20s, brunette Edythe Stayart seems to have made her screen bow as the second female lead in the 1920 Jack Hoxie serial Thunderbolt Jack. This seemingly lost chapterplay was produced by the prolific Benjamin F. Wilson, who also cast Stayart as Neva Gerber's faithful friend in Dangerous Paths (1921), as Francis Ford's wife in Mine to Keep (1923), and as a girl reporter in The Love Trap (1923), the latter two featuring matinee-idol Bryant Washburn. Offscreen, Stayart became the wife of B-Western actor Leonard Clapham (aka Tom London), whom she had met on the set of Nan of the North (1922).