Demetri Martin

Active - 2007 - 2016  |   Born - May 25, 1973 in New York, New York, United States  |   Genres - Comedy

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Though perhaps best known for his "Trendspotting" segments on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Demetri Martin was quite successful in comedy circles for several years prior to his contributions as TDS's "youth correspondent." In 2003, Martin appeared on Comedy Central's standup comedy special Premium Blend, and went on to write for Late Night With Conan O'Brien in the show's Emmy-winning 2003-2004 season. In a somewhat ironic career move, Martin signed a deal with Microsoft to write ads for Windows Vista (fellow Daily Show contributor John Hodgman appears regularly in Apple commercials). In 2007, Martin starred in Demetri Martin. Person., another Comedy Central showcase. The comedian also stars in the television series Important Things With Demetri Martin, put out by none other than Jon Stewart's Busboy Productions. Martin would continue to find success on screen in a variety of roles, from comedies like The Rocker and Take Me Home Tonight, to far more serious fare, like the 2011 Soderbergh thriller Contagion.

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  • Loved skateboarding as a kid—even had half-pipes in his backyard.
  • Worked at his family's Greek food stand in Seaside Heights, NJ, as a kid.
  • Influences include Steven Wright, Far Side cartoonist Gary Larson and Bill Cosby.
  • Never contemplated a career in comedy until he was in law school.
  • Dropped out of law school, giving up a full scholarship, after two years in order to pursue comedy.
  • Interned at The Daily Show when Craig Kilborn was host; later returned to the show with his own segment in 2005.
  • Won the prestigious Perrier award at the 2003 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.