Charles Seeling

Active - 1918 - 1925  |   Born - Apr 4, 1895   |   Died - Oct 13, 1951   |   Genres - Western, Crime

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A former cameraman for Mack Sennett, Charles R. Seeling single-handedly produced, directed, photographed, and sometimes even wrote a series of very low-budget Westerns, released between 1922 and 1925 and starring brawny Guinn "Big Boy" Williams. Williams, whom Seeling had under personal contract, was certainly handsome enough and performed the action scenes with gusto; and judging from such surviving Westerns as Rounding Up the Law (1922), Seeling's direction was on par with, if not above the standard, low-budget programmers of the day. But Williams failed to click with the mostly juvenile audience and would have to wait for sound to make an impact. Seeling himself returned to cinematography in the 1930s, working mainly for Warner Bros.