Bryan Fuller

Active - 2002 - 2002  |   Born - Jul 27, 1969 in Lewiston, Idaho, United States  |   Genres - Science Fiction, Comedy Drama

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  • The Munsters was one of his favorite TV shows growing up. Others included The Twilight Zone and the original Star Trek.
  • Was so enamored with Anne Rice's Interview With a Vampire that, at age 15, he tracked down her phone number and called her, asking to do the screenplay adaptation. When she informed him that producer Julia Phillips owned the rights to the novel, he then called her; she was kind, but firm, in rebuffing him.
  • Got his start in show business by sending several spec (unsolicited) screenplays to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The producers asked to meet with him; and eventually offered him a position on the writing staff.
  • Enjoys science fiction and Hitchcock films; and David Bowie's music.
  • Co-owns Fuller + Roberts, an L.A. home-decor boutique, with his life partner, interior designer Scott Roberts.
  • Met Roberts at a Hollywood antiques shop.
  • Has a puggle (a beagle-pug crossbreed) named Lou.