Alec Compinsky

Genres - Action, Western, Drama, Romance

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Alec Compinsky (sometimes spelled Compinski) was the brother of violinist/conductor/film composer Manuel Compinsky and pianist Sara Compinsky. In the classical music field from the 1920s, he was known as a virtuoso cellist, principally in association with his two siblings as part of the Compinsky Trio. Based in Los Angeles, he gravitated toward the movie business and television as a composer and music supervisor (which usually meant a conductor/arranger). A lot of his early work was used in feature films in conjunction with his brother Manuel, but he also worked independently, principally in television. At 20th Century Fox's TV division, he wrote the theme for the series How to Marry a Millionaire; he was also the music supervisor on numerous series from other producers, including the Saturday morning children's adventure program Sky King. His only major film credits aside from those of his brother were at the end of the '50s in association with a handful of Western and action movies from Republic Pictures (then on its last legs) and Universal. Alec Compinsky also ran a company of his own called Soundcrafts, which provided music for low-budget television shows and films. He died in June 1960.