Adele Buffington

Active - 1924 - 1949  |   Genres - Western, Drama, Action, Crime, Romance

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Prolific American screenwriter Adele Buffington's official studio biography claimed her birth year as 1900, which would have made her about 13 when she began her career as a stenographer in her hometown of St. Louis, MO, and 16 when she became a reader for producer Thomas H. Ince in California. In the later 1910s, the apparently still teenaged Buffington wrote original screenplays for Fox and Henry C. Rowland before embarking on a long career of churning out low-budget Western scripts. For almost five decades, and using such masculine pseudonyms as Colt Remington and Jess Bowers, Buffington (born Burgdorfer) wrote for almost every cowboy on the celluloid range -- from a young John Wayne to a mature Buck Jones -- with the odd comedy or straight drama thrown in for good measure. One of the busiest screenwriters of her day, Buffington retired after Bullwhip, a 1958 oater starring Guy Madison. She died at the Motion Picture Country House and Hospital in Woodland Hills, CA.