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Walking and Talking (1996)
by Derek Armstrong review

Featuring a cast made in indie film heaven, Walking and Talking may bear a more accurately descriptive (and sublimely humorous) title than almost any film out there. With that plain-as-beans name, promising new director/screenwriter Nicole Holofcener takes an affectionate poke at the essence of what independent film should be: interesting characters having conversations and, well, walking around. Her debut gets by on the strength of this engrossing naturalism. The effortless repartee between Amelia (Catherine Keener) and Laura (Anne Heche) carries the smart script, which charts the pitfalls of single-life existence in the big city with the best of them. Like most films of its ilk, nothing of consequence really happens, but that's the point --- this is what normal life would look like if you knew people who were just a bit funnier and more eloquent. Indie staple Kevin Corrigan also shines as the oddball curiosity who propels parts of the minimal plot. His harsh passive rejection reminds Laura and Amelia that while New York may be a laboratory for their sarcastic observations, the lab rats have feelings, too.